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Client: I have a website of stock market trades, and I want to extract price and quantity.
CG: Do you have the data format?
Client: Yes, here's the URL
CG: We can do that for $350. Does that work?
Client: Thanks. Here's a dropbox URL for the result.
Client: Can you write a small web app with a single endpoint that takes a PDF, runs a spellcheck on it, and returns all the errors?
CG: Sure, I can do it in Node.js and use pdf-to-text to get the text from the pdf and spellcheck to get the spelling errors.
Client: Yep, how much will that cost?
CG: Does $450 work for you?
Client: Excellent.
Client: My company builds an AR app. We want a dashboard for growth in engagement.
CG: We can build that. Can you grant access to our dev account?
Client: I'll invite @codegophers on GitHub. The README shows how to access BigQuery
CG: Great! We're connected, and we can build the dashboard for $400
Client: Perfect.
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Never pay a cent over your quoted price. We'll cover the difference if the final cost goes over.
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We work around the clock to meet your deadlines. Most of our tasks/projects have a turnaround of 24-48 hours.
Easy and convenient
Everything is done over email at your convenience. We don't waste your time with unnecessary calls or meetings.
Project management
We'll act as your PM from start to finish. Just share your requirements and let us take care of the rest.
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We're here when you need extra technical help. We answer all your questions and assist you with any issues along the way.
Vetted talent
Our developers are vetted and have worked at top companies in Silicon Valley. Our code review process also ensures all code meets your high standards.
Anything under $2,000 is fair game.
If the project is too big, we'll let you know.
Data & scraping
Generate a customer listRun business analysis on your dataScrape data from a website
Mockup to HTML
Convert from Figma to HTMLMake an email templateCreate presentational React components
Clear out your Jira backlog
Fix a bugImplement a small featureMigrations & housekeepingAnything under ~2d of work
Internal tools
Create a Retool dashboardDevelop an Airplane scriptSet up cron job to pull reports from database
Machine learning
Run data visualizations or regressionsCreate a Jupyter notebook or Streamlit app
Anything & everything
Think of us like a giant Swiss army knife for anything you need
Our developers are both versatile generalists and deep specialists. We can handle any type of task, no matter how strange or domain-specific.
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Brian Clark
HDP Health

We needed a simple Python script to write to our database. Nothing too complex, but it would have taken a few hours, and as a small team we were already very busy with other projects.

In about 20 minutes we scoped out our project and emailed it to CodeGophers, and within a day or so we had our solution back, perfectly running! This was an amazing asset to have and we will certainly use them again.

Filippo Mursia
Needle Vinyl

My first Rails app was pretty much all done, but I was missing an important part that was too complicated for my skill set. I'd been looking for some help online with no luck or crazy prices, and then I found CodeGophers.

I sent an email and spoke with a product manager, and I immediately felt reassured. They understood my problem and offered a solution with a very fair quote and timing. Two days later I had my application up and running!

They were even nice enough to help me with follow up questions I had after the job was done, and also setting up some related things I didn't know. I would recommend CodeGophers to anyone.

Linnea George-Kupfer

The first programmer I tried told me it would be impossible to build my page unless I made a major overhaul to my entire website. I was frustrated and bummed. But CodeGophers built the page effortlessly with no new information or "to do" tasks from me other than having my login information. Amazing. Communication was courteous and to the point.

Simple. Fast. Pleasant. Exactly what you need when you are pressured by a personal or professional deadline. I highly recommend CodeGophers.

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